When designing a gas station it is necessary to utilize the main established colors of the company “XXX” – white and red. For the general view, front elevation, fragments and elements of a gas station the colors should be used strictly based on the above named colors.

The main style forming elements when designing a gas station are frieze of a roof, paired supports of a roof, information wall, flag poles, fuel pumps, display board above the fuel pumps, as well as sign boards, sign plates, signs, including interior of a gas station and mini-market attributes.


The main exterior element of a gas station is a K-shaped frieze of a roof.

Signs of the traffic direction with fuel pumps’ numbers are placed on both sides of each island.

Sign boards or sign plates on the facade of the gas station, which are developed and introduced in this presentation, cannot be replaced through different ones. Their locations and placement coordinates cannot be changed.

Coloring the main and secondary installations of a gas station in white and red is the most important part of retaining the company-style while creating the image of a gas station.

  1. The height of a wide frieze (“Goods”, “Drinks” and “Oils”) is XXX mm (XX in).
  2. Material for making the frieze is white PVC, with a thickness of X-X mm (0.XXXX - 0.XXXX in). A film with a full-color print is attached to the plastic (CMYK 0/0/0/40), then the three-dimensional letters and white and orange arcs made from ORACAL 10, 32 Print-Polyester Film.
  3. The height of the ceiling (up to the level of hung ceiling) is X m (X.XXX ft).
  4. The wall color of the showroom is light-orange (“peach”) of the color palette TIKKURILA TVT 4016 (with the exception of the frieze of the showroom).
  5. The height of the three-dimensional letters for letterings “Goods”, “Drinks”, “Oils” is XXX mm (X.XXX in), the height from the bottom of the letters to the bottom border of the frieze is XXX mm (X.XXX in).
  6. The letters are made from an organic glass with a thickness of XX mm (0.XXXX in); there is a self-sticking film ORACAL 35, series 5000, on the surface of it.
    The height of letters is XXX mm (X.XXX in).
  7. The center of the lettering “Goods” should be placed horizontally XXXX mm (XX.XX in) from the left wall (wall behind the cash register).
  8. The center of the lettering “Drinks” should be placed horizontally XXXX mm (XX.XX in) from the left wall.
  9. The center of the lettering “Oils” should be placed horizontally XXXX mm (XX.XX in) from the right wall (wall with the main entrance).
  10. The height of the light-box above an ATM is XXX mm (X.XX in).