Hi my name is Julia Heath. I was born and raised in Russia and studied in Germany for several years. I now reside in the USA as of 2001. I started Quality Translator in 2002 and the company is based in Aurora, Colorado USA.


I graduated with honors from Saratov State Socio-Economic University (Major: International Management). I am very proud of earning a scholarship (DAAD) for studying at a German University (Philipps University of Marburg), which allowed me to live in Germany for 4 years. I wrote my diploma for the Economical State University of Saratov, while working for Nutrinova Ltd., (Frankfurt / Main, Industriepark Hoechst) in Marketing Research. After that I went back to Russia and graduated from the university. I feel fortunate to have closely learned all three cultures, which gives me an advantage as a translator for localization projects. I speak fluently in all 3 languages: Russian (native language), German and English.



2/1/2002 - Present
Translating technical, medical, business, patents & legal documents from German to English, Russian to English for Nelles Translations and Schreiber Translations.
Biggest projects
5/4/2012 - 5/26/2012  Face-To-Face Interpreting for Montana National Guard: Medical Training, Military
8/1/2010 - 10/1/2011  Phone Interpreting for The Big Word: taxes, legal, medical
5/20/2007 - Translation of corporate design presentation of Lukoil Corp., Russia, from Russian to English (4,000 words)
3/22/2007 - Translation of a list of laws from German to English (16,000 words)
1/10/2007 - 2/13/2007
Working with Anna Bowman Translations Ltd., translations from English to Russian in economics, finance, banking and investments.
Proof-reading of a dissertation "Corporate Risk and Crises" in English.
6/20/1999 - 9/20/1999
Translating of technical and legal documents from German to Russian and vise versa for Bosch -Saratov Ltd., Engels, Russia.